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Find charging Station for electric Cars

Car Charging / July 27, 2018

Remember that time you saw a tesla zooming down Juan B. Justo and Santa Fe? Exactly. You probably haven’t.

Although precise figures on exactly how many electric cars there are in Buenos Aires are not available, the number is pretty low compared to countries like Norway where the market share for electric cars is a whopping 37 percent. Apparently those Nordic overachievers are aiming to run their entire market on zero-emission vehicles by 2025.

Argentina could be getting into the sustainable transport game soon though. According to Infobae, Enel, the Italian energy giant announced plans to build a charging station for electric cars in the city of Buenos Aires. This is a promising move for the Argentine electric car industry, and should make way for expanding the use of fossil fuel free transport options within the city. This latest bit of news coincides with a statement last month from Volkswagen announcing plans to expand electric car sales to Argentina.

Source: www.thebubble.com