How Quickly Does the Tesla Model S Battery Charge? | News |

Electric Cars how Long to Charge

Car Charging / September 1, 2022

Electric cars aren’t exactly zooming out of the showrooms, and a key to having them succeed is making them painless for consumers. That means cheaper prices, longer range, and a charging experience equivalent to getting gas from the SaveMart. That moment is coming closer. The obvious solution—fast chargers next to the gas pumps—is now more likely.

The breakthrough is that the SAE International standards agency has finalized work on a U.S. 480-volt fast-charging standard. Until now, we’ve been dependent on the Japanese CHAdeMO standard, which is what you’ll find in the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi I-MiEV. CHAdeMO uses a totally different plug than the American 240-volt J1772, so that meant two different outlets on the car. The new U.S. standard combines 240- and 480-volt charging into a single “combo” plug to make things easier.

The good news is that Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen are all supporting the combo plug, so that bodes well for the future of U.S.-Europe compatibility. China has its own fast-charging standard, though, and Japan will likely stay with CHAdeMO. A full charge with any of these units will probably take 30 minutes or more, but a jump from 20 to 80 percent capacity (which is what you're actually going to need in the real world) will take only 20.

American automakers, who sit on the SAE advisory panel, say they like a combo plug better than CHAdeMO because it will allow a single charge port hidden behind what used to be the gasoline filler. OK, but the days of electrics that are converted gas cars is probably coming to an end. To really succeed, EVs need to be just that from the start. The Tesla Model S, an electric all the way, shows the advantage of this—it has the batteries mounted cleanly underneath, and trunk space both front and rear. The charge port is neatly incorporated under the left taillight lens (above).

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