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Car Charger AC

Car Charging Socket / August 1, 2019

Slinky Studio

"Small but proudly powerful"

Small but proudly powerful and useful when on the road and running low on power. A great low cost option for families and tech savvy peeps who don’t have integrated USB ports or want to add some more to the car.

So, as this review comes to its end we have to at least congratulate ARCTIC for creating these two excellent products - Smart Charger 4800 and Car Charger 7200. Their quality as well as their usability combined with the very attractive...


The Arctic 7200 Smart Car Charger is a well built and designed item that offers everything you need for long or short journeys in a vehicle. I am happy to say that the Arctic 7200 3-port is a piece of tech I will be keeping in my car for...


The ARCTIC Car Charger 7200 is small and lightweight. Very useful to leave it in the car, to know that we can load our smartphone which is often very greedy. Useful when it is used as a GPS system.

Thanks to its intelligent load management, the ARCTIC Car Charger 7200 enables a fast loading similar to direct conventional wall socket loading. Potency of 7200 mAh allows loading of three devices simultaneously.