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Car Charging Socket / November 3, 2020

The electric charging station at Whole Foods Stefan Jeremiah

Only in Park Slope, kids.

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and the rest of the crowd with First World problems in the trendy neighborhood are incensed that they haven’t been able to charge their electric cars at the local Whole Foods.

“Dear @wholefoods in Brooklyn. this has been broken for 2 months. BeenTrying2charge my #ChevyVolt Ps Peter says the other 1 is broken now 2, ” Gyllenhaal tweeted a few weeks ago, referring to actor hubby Peter Sarsgaard.

A rep for the upscale grocer said both stations at the Gowanus store have been fixed.

But workers Tuesday reported that only one charger was pumping juice, because getting replacement parts for the twin GE WattStation chargers is tough.

“It’s not an easy fix, ” one employee said.

“The other charging station is still down… is there a manager in this place that would fix that charger. Been like it for months, ” one user wrote in September.

It shouldn’t take an A-lister’s outrage to get the stations fixed, said one shopper.

“It is annoying that these are broken. Especially when you come spend your paycheck here, ” sniffed Angel Jimenez, 31. “Come on guys.”

An actress complaining to a high-end grocer that an electric car-charging station is broken encapsulates Park Slope’s reputation as a bastion of the well-heeled left — and shows that influence seeping into up-and-coming Gowanus where the Whole Foods opened in 2013.

“This neighborhood had changed a lot, ” a firefighter shopping with fellow Bravest told The Post. “Things like Whole Foods have definitely brought more life to the neighborhood.”

Another example: A Park Slope store where customers can pay to dress up like a unicorn, was born in a Gowanus art studio.

Gyllenhaal is also a member of the Park Slope Food Coop, but has been on probation at the store, which requires shoppers work shifts there in exchange for discounts, she revealed on Twitter earlier this month.