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Electric Car charging stations Long Island

Car Charging Socket / October 4, 2022

EV Charging Station installation by local Long Island electric vehicle charger installers

EV Charging Station Installation Long Island - June 2017

Driving an electric vehicle will change the way you think about "filling up" your car. Instead of going to the gas station you will get most of your "fill ups" at home while you sleep, using your EV charging station. Think of your electric car (EV) like your cellphone. Always keep an eye on the battery charge meter - and "top off" whenever you have an opportunity.

Residential EV charging stations come in many shapes, sizes and capabilities. In general, charging stations are organized by their power output (watts, volts, etc) which directly affects the time it takes to fully charge your vehicle. Charging times vary according to the size of your cars battery.

Speak with a certified Long Island EV Charger Installation specialist by clicking the button below - an EV charger consultant will contact you by phone at your convenience.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

Choosing a Charger - EV Charger Types

Level 1 Charging Station - 120 Volt (uses standard home outlet)

Level 1 charging means charging by simply plugging your EV into a normal household electrical outlet (with an adapter that comes with your EV). For a Nissan Leaf, charging this way yields 4-5 miles of range per hour of charging, or about 22 hours for a full charge.

This seems like a long charge time, but consider that 80% of US drivers drive less than 40 miles per day. This means that the typical EV will not require a "full" charge each night, and could easily recharge in the hours while the car is idle in the garage.

Level 2 Charger - 240 Volt (same voltage used by your refrigerator)

Level 2 charging stations vary in their output from 3.3 kW (40 miles of range for 3 hour charge) to 16.8 kW (40 mile range with 40 minutes of charge). The optimal home charger usually fits somewhere in between, depending on your average commute and whether you have access to a charging station at work. Level 2 EV chargers require installation by qualified installers. Long Island EV charger installation experts are available to speak with you.

DC Fast Charging - High Speed EV Charging for New York public charging networks

Public EV charging stations require fast charging, in order to facilitate short but worthwhile charging stops. You will notice an expanding number of electric vehicle charging stations sprouting up at your most common destinations around Long Island, across New York and throughout the US. New EV chargers are being installed at supermarkets, coffee shops, malls, airports, along major highway rest areas and at your workplace.

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