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Best Electric Car Accessories

Car Charging / November 26, 2017

Despite the fact that most of the car accessories are suitable both for traditional and electric cars, there are some slight differences. Mainly, these differences are explained by the car structure. So while you can find a plenty of information about car accessories for traditional vehicles, there is nearly no information about accessories for EVs.

Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that when it comes to the list of the best accessories for electric cars, it is mainly made up of things used to provide electrical energy to recharge the vehicle. If you are looking for the one, consider learning information about car accessories shops in Sharjah with ratings and reviews to make your best choice. But now let us see what are the best accessories for EVs.

1. Combination Lock

The combination lock is considered to be one of the most low-cost ways to restrict access to ClipperCreek charging station. It allows locking the connector head of any ClipperCreek charging station, preventing its unwanted use.

2. Extension Cable

An extension cable allows increasing the length of charging cable, whether you are charging your EV at home, in the office or at a local charging station. Such accessory successfully provides extra length when charging your EV.

3. Type 2 to Type 1 Adapter EV Cable

Owners of EVs know that the greatest disadvantage of electric cars is the inability to recharge your car due to the lack of public charging stations for EVs in some regions. But with the adapter, things become more positive. Now drivers with drivers with a Type 1 car plug can charge their cars using any public charging with a Type 2 Mennekes cable.

4. EV Charger Portable Carry Bag

Despite the fact that some of us are used to store things like EV Charging Cables in all sorts of free spaces offered by the car, EV Charger Portable Carry Bag can change your attitude. It was designed to keep EV cables tidy and protected, becoming the best option to place your portable EV charger during trips.

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