Does Your Utility Offer Electric Car Rates? Only 6 Percent Do

Electric Car Home charging

Car Charging / September 9, 2022

ChargePoint Home EVSE 5752 Transport EvolvedYou’ve probably heard a lot about charging electric cars, how slow or fast, how cheap or expensive, how simple or complicated it is. We’re here to explain how you can go about selecting the right sized charging station for your home and, we’ll explain all the jargon and just why this sentence is incorrect!

This weeks article will focus on the US home charging options and we’ll cover Europe in a follow up article.

Glowing J1772 socketIn the coming weeks we’ll be publishing some hands-on reviews as we install and set up some different charging stations in our own garage before reporting in on how the winter treats them.


Let’s break down some terms:

Charging: The simplest term! This is the act of re-filling your batteries with energy. It’s worth defining because it only happens whilst the batteries need charging. Once charged, charging stops and so does any electricity flowing into your car.NEMA 6-30 Transport Evolved Some cars and chargers can switch charging on and off at different times of the day to take advantage of cheaper rates or cleaner electricity.

Charger: Almost everyone calls the box that goes on the wall the ‘Charger’ and this is a common misconception but, we all say it from time to time. The charger is in fact, to be found inside the car along with the seldom mentioned, Battery Management System.NEMA 6-50 Transport Evolved Together, the Charger and the BMS inside the car take current from the socket on the side of the car, amplify its voltage and split out the current to each of the battery cells to give each one the optimum charge.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment: or, EVSE is the real name for that box that hangs on the wall and connects to the car. Its job is to co-ordinate and switch on & off, the electricity supply to the car in a safe manner. When connected to the car it reports how much electricity is available and carries out checks to ensure that there are no electrical problems. It’s essential to the process and whilst fairly single-purpose, there are some models that add extra features like usage reporting and time-of-day controls.

NEMA 14-30 Transport Evolved NEMA 14-50 Transport Evolved

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