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Car Charging / April 16, 2022

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Introducing Blink HQ

Freedom, Confidence and $100 Charging Credit.

Blink HQ, a new family of EV charging products for the home, gives you complete range confidence. The Blink HQ provides a full charge every morning and access to thousands of thousands of public Blink EV chargers.

How can you get a charge from your home EV charging station when you’re not even there?

Only the Blink HQ family of home EV chargers comes with $100 of FREE Charging on the thousands of Blink Network’s public electric car charging stations.

The new Blink HQ line of products offers consumers:

  • Delayed start time options to optimize charging rates
  • 18 foot cable with indoor/outdoor rating for flexible placement options
  • The ability to deliver a quick, full charge at a rate almost four times faster than a Level 1 charger

The Blink HQ line of home EV chargers start at an MSRP of just $629.99 and comes bundled with $100 of FREE charging* on the Blink Network!

The Blink HQ is currently available. !

*Your $100 Blink Network credit can be used on any publicly accessible Blink charger, is valid for six months from the time of activation, and requires an active Blink network account.

Source: www.blinknetwork.com