Hilton Announces Electric Car Charging Program For U.S

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Car Charging / April 3, 2017

A clean, green environment is something everyone can agree on. The Marriott on the Falls shows our commitment to the environment by providing a free electric car charging station for hotel guests of our Niagara Falls Hotel.

Benefits of Electric Cars

Regular vehicles operate on petrol, although a growing number are changing to electric cars that work on batteries and are charged using electricity. In the initial days of electric vehicles, there was a concern about the unavailability of electric charging stations to fuel these vehicles while they were on the move. The scenario is changing rapidly with a major increase in the number of charging stations, including Niagara Falls Hotel Car Charging at the Marriott on the Falls.

Electric cars have several benefits:

  1. They do not emit harmful gases and are completely eco-friendly.
  2. While the initial cost of an electric car is high, you save tremendously on fuel costs and in the long run is much more cost-effective. And now, the cost of the cars is also coming down due to several factors.
  3. They have low maintenance costs.
  4. They are safe to drive with all the safety features of a regular car.
  5. They can be charged at home or at electric vehicle charging stations

How is an EV charged?

Since EVs run on batteries, they need to be charged and this can be done at home or at a charging station in various locations. This is handy when you are travelling far from home. When you charge at your household outlet, charging takes a longer time but the advantage is that you can leave it to charge overnight. At DC fast charging stations (which are available at the Marriott on the Falls Hotel), every 10 minutes of charging takes you 40 miles so it is super quick.

Niagara Falls Hotel Electric Car Charging

Advantages of an electric vehicle charging station at Marriott on the Falls Hotel

  1. A convenient to charge as it is a simple process.
  2. Charging is Free for all hotel guests
  3. Our charging station is open 24 hours a day.

Source: www.marriottonthefalls.com