How to buy an electric-car charging station: buyer s guide to

Bosch Car charging Station

Car Charging Socket / March 17, 2022

The Bosch Power Max is the manufacturer-recommended Level 2 240V charging station for multiple electric vehicle manufacturers in North America. Power Max is available in multiple power output and charging cable length options to meet your charging needs. A minimalist, compact design and user-friendly operation easily integrate to your home.


Ask your electrician to install a 40-amp breaker (20-Amp for the 16A Power Max) wire and conduit, needed to install a charging station. Once your electrician finishes you'll be ready for charging.

The Power Max Level 2 Charging Station is designed to be hardwired only.

Charge Anywhere

The Power Max is built to exceed NEMA 3R standards, making it weather-resistant and suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. It will safely charge in rain, snow, sleet and ice or in the comfort of your garage.

Control Your Charge

Use your vehicle infotainment system or your vehicle’s app to set delayed charging, view vehicle battery and charging status and manage your Power Max.

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