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Electric Car Charger Installation

Car Charging Socket / March 31, 2017

Determine which rate and meter system works for you.

Your choice on EV rates affects which meter you can use. View the differences in the types of meters:

  • Single meter: On EV-A, E-1 or E-TOUA or E-TOUB rates, there is a single meter and electrical panel for your home energy use and EV charging.
  • Dual meter: On EV-B rates, a second meter and electric panel are installed for EV charging. You can replace your existing system with a dual meter panel, but this installation is generally more expensive than installing a second meter and panel.

PLEASE NOTE: A PG&E representative may schedule a visit to determine whether your current electric service can support an EV. You may have to upgrade your service or your panel, or add a second electric panel. Service upgrades are necessary when the service wire to your home doesn’t meet your capacity needs. PG&E charges a $100 service fee for a second meter. You’re responsible for the installation costs to support an additional meter. The costs generally range from $2, 000 to $8, 000.

Source: www.pge.com