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Fast charging stations for electric Cars

Car Charging / August 21, 2019

The San Diego Naval Base unveiled on Friday its first so-called DC fast-charging station for electric vehicles, the latest move in a push to green up the regional military’s fleet of light-duty vehicles.

Along with the dozens of recently installed chargers around California, officials plan to roll out more than 200 new electric vehicles in coming months on Navy and Marine facilities. San Diego expects to receive about 58 battery-powered Ford Focus cars.

The military estimates that the addition of the new vehicles will save more than 50, 000 gallons of gas a year.

About 90 charging stations were constructed in the state within the last year at a cost of $3.2 million. Of these, about 50 are located in San Diego.

The latest of those installed are fast-charging stations, which can power up a vehicle within 45 minutes. Besides the fast-charging station at the naval base, there are two others at the Seal Beach weapons installation in LA County. Traditional charging stations can take hours to recharge a vehicle.

The effort is part of a partnership between the Navy, California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board and California Public Utilities Commission.

Source: www.sandiegouniontribune.com