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Who Makes Chargers Car?

Car Charging / April 17, 2020

A new “Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill” is being introduced by the government in the UK in the Queen’s Speech.

It includes some interesting measures, including mandatory installations of electric car chargers at motorway services and gas stations.

Similar initiatives have been proposed elsewhere, like in Russia, while gas stations have also started adding electric car charging stations without any mandate, like Tesla Superchargers at QuickCheck gas stations or Shell’s initiative to add chargers to its own gas stations.

  • Measures in a bill on automated and electric vehicles announced by the government will also support the invention, design and use of driverless cars.
  • Compulsory motor vehicle insurance will be extended to cover the use of automated vehicles to ensure compensation claims continue to be paid quickly, fairly and easily.
  • Charge points for electric vehicles at motorway service areas and large fuel retailers will be required under the new laws.

There’s already a £4, 500 “plug-in grant” offered as a direct incentive to buy electric vehicles. It helped the country significantly increase its EV fleet, which now accounts for a record 4.2% share of new vehicles registered in the UK.

But the new bill could get the momentum going just in time for a series of new all-electric vehicles coming to market, like the next generation Nissan Leaf, which is already a popular vehicle in the country, and Tesla’s Model 3.

Source: electrek.co